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#14  Up to 50% Off At The Third Tunnel of Aggression  

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Show Notes

Korea is one crazy place.

Where else can you find insane clown dictators and Gangnam Style

only about an hour way from each other?

Our mission was to explore one of the famous invasion tunnels there,

but somehow we landed in the DMZ…. gift shop.

Join us in Neverland, for a trip down a real commie rabbit hole.


Hosted and produced by Jon Lapidese.
Music by Hitslab, Chan Wai Fat, Lobo Loco, Alash Ensemble – all courtesy of 
Sound FX –
Thanks to Gary and Korean Airlines. 

“Come Fly With Me” written by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn

Cover Art by Kaitlyn Burkett Ridings


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