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 “Because we’re all traveling somewhere…”


#17  Our Own Private Portlandia    


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Show Notes

Aren’t we all looking for that perfect place to settle down?

Where the grass is literally greener?

Well what could be greener than Portland, Oregon?

So Kris and I decided to take a vacation. 

Come along for the ride – it’ll just be the three of us!


Hosted and produced by Jon Lapidese.
Music by Dee Yan-Key, Pam Shannon, Blue Dot Sessions, Monplaisir,  TRG Banks, Lobo Loco – courtesy of 
Sound FX –

Thanks to the incomparable Kris! And… Portland.  

“Come Fly With Me” written by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn

Cover Art by Kaitlyn Burkett Ridings


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