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 “Because we’re all traveling somewhere…”


#18  Me and Jesus at the Rodeo    

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Show Notes

So what do you know about the rodeo?  

Do you think it’s just a place to watch cowboys go flying into the dirt?

Would it surprise you to learn the rodeo has a spiritual side as well?

Trust me Pardner, it does.

I saw that spirit at work, just inches away from a raging bull.  


Hosted and produced by Jon Lapidese.
Music by Evan Schaeffer, The Pine Valley Cosmonauts, Billy Torello, The Vivisectors and Robert Tilly – courtesy of 
Sound FX –

Thanks to our singing cowgirl, Marcela and the Cody Night Rodeo!

“Come Fly With Me” written by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn

Cover Art by Kaitlyn Burkett Ridings


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